Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Typical Dad behavior.

This is a sad-but-funny kind of story. One of my parents' friends recently passed away and my parents have been planning to visit since Asians tend to congregate at the deceased's for moral support and such. However, they don't know where the house is located. Apparently it's quite close to our neighborhood but you can't visit if you only know the general vicinity and not the actual house number which brings me to today's conversation:

Dad: (just in from going to the market) I drove around and looked for the house.
Me: Did you find it?
Dad: No....I drove around for awhile too. There were no piles of trash bags, no Lao people walking in & out of houses, no piles of shoes outside of any front doors....no accumulations of Hondas and Toyotas..


  1. haha I'm mad your dad was cruisin' around the neighborhood looking for "typical Lao behavior"