Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monkey Shuffle

I was lucky enough to get a car that was actually using their heat. So often I get in a car and they've got their joint set at like 60 degrees or not at all. But this time I got a car that was nice and hot so I drifted off to sleep on the way to work. Just as we were pulling into Rosslyn metro I asked the driver if she happens to go farther up Wilson. She said yes, Courthouse, which is perfect because that's just one stop away from where I work. She makes a u-turn to go up Wilson and outta no where some cop hops out of his undercover car and pulls her over. Ya, I just hopped outta there. I don't have time to wait for this chick to get a ticket or be lectured by this dude! Of course the cop looks at me like where the heck do you think you're going. I told him I'm a slugger I don't know her and I left. I wonder why he pulled her over. I'm pretty sure it wasn't an illegal u-turn..ah well..

I was all nervous last week cuz I had to go into the city for a meeting with Pe+er Linco!n. This is the same guy that's been terrorizing me at work for 2 years, that I lemon bound up one night, and I constantly call a d-bag every time I get off the phone with him. This guy is absolutely intolerable, but I had to go to this meeting. We go through the meeting, bladdi bladdi blah, and it turns out he's handing over his duties to someone else! I don't have to deal with this dude!!!!! I wanted to do a hifee fifee monkey shuffle on the meeting table when he said that! Maybe even do the soulja boy! I'm still in shock about these turn of events! This past week has actually been pretty good. I find out my mom is going back to Sudan for like two weeks, I lost 7 pounds, and Pe+er Linco!n is finally out of my hair!! FREEDOM!


  1. can you please record yourself doing the soulja boy dance and post it up for us, thanks.

  2. ya...i'm not gonna record that..but I'll have Jo do it for you :D that's like his favorite dance