Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am going to throw this question out there...

Hi everyone! Can you believe it iced in Richmond too? Not as bad as where you were I am sure...but we never get any sort of winter weather here!!!!
ok I am going to throw this question outthere! Should we have a get together/ dinner in rememberance for marking one year since Marie died? I think it would be nice...nothing sad or morbid just happy memories or something? What does anybody else think? If we do it I can do it the weekend of Feb 7th or the weekend of the 21st?
Keep me posted!! HAHAHA-I made a joke without trying


  1. i know stephanie facebook mentioned that Larry is coming over this week..we're still working on that, and will probably hold a small brunch next Saturday...

    but I'm willing to use the townhouse if you all would like to hold a rememberence day for Marie or anything..I guess we can just see how everyone else feels about it :)

  2. i'm up for it; i just couldn't decide on an idea~! i know that just being together would be nice.