Friday, April 24, 2009

happy friday!

every friday I'm going to attempt to post something funny to make us all thankful that it's FRIIIIIIDAAAAAAY!

warning: be prepared for the tom foolery and ghettoness of this video

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Becky the Roomate

Incase you're curious to learn a bit more about my prospective roomate, I've got a screenshot of her facebook. I know this sounds a bit stalkerish but folks have been asking more about her...

She's the blonde in the foreground :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

awesome news!

I think I may have found a roomate, keep your fingers crossed. Her name's Rebekah, she's a 24-year old Optomistrist from Boston. She's moving down to VA for a 3 year contract position at Quantico on June 1st. She has 3 pet turtles, is an early riser, and a non-smoker. I'm going to give her a tour of the house and room on May 2nd. She's also going to look at other apartments in the area that weekend, but I hope she goes for renting out the room. So everyone keep your fingers crossed, and if she takes the room I'm going to have a Welcome Potluck Party for her :) and i hope you all can make it

Thursday, April 9, 2009

dear everyone, love stephanie t.

find your bliss

I think the motto for this week is, find your bliss. So many of us live for the weekend, for good reason, we don't take joy in what we do Monday-Friday. If I could, I'd have my own business creating websites, corporate looks, and displays for nonprofit organizations. I want my designs to go to a good cause, not just to get the company to make a few more bucks which goes into a higher-up's pockets.

I don't believe our line of work is obsolete; there are just a bunch of hacks out there, which drives me nuts. They wouldn't know good design if it peed in their coffee. Yes, we should all be thankful we have jobs in this economy. But in the meantime, find your bliss. Figure out where you want to be, focus on it, and one day you'll get there.


It seems to me that the more I get older and start discussing work with others, I find how unsatisfied people are with their jobs, especially in the graphic design world. Is our profession becoming obsolete? It seems that anyone can make a website and create illustrations using available software. According to many of my customers, they are designers too, even though they never studied art, like color theory, composition, etc.

Sigh. I'm right there with Thrib and Jen. I can't even get a break into the "real" graphic design world, and quite frankly I'm not sure I want to anymore. Making designs for t-shirts is not exactly challenging or rewarding. My work environment isn't exactly the greatest. I feel like I'm just here to do one's bidding and then disappear into the shadows while someone else takes credit for my work.

I am thankful to have a job, but it's not my dream job. Does such a thing really exist?
Perhaps we should band together and start revolution. I too have been on the hunt for another job, but it seems that you have to be able to do bend over backwards and do a double twist before they will even look at your resume.

Sigh. My final note is for everyone to just hang in there. Even it's by a thread.

my stupid computer

ok since my stupid computer won't let me make comments I'll just post. Yathrib I know how you feel I do. I stand all day and not do anything creative or constructive but sell and all they really care about is for us to open dumb credit cards. AND you know I'd rent one of your rooms if I could get a job up there-but since no one is responding to my job applications I am short of stuck right now. But I should be happy I have a job! BUT if anyone has a job opportunity send it my way!

Steph I know what you are feeling right now! My dad- who had Frecks sleep with him in his bed since he and mom split- two nights ago looked at me as he was going to bed and said I miss freckles!! I almost cried. But think of it like I do-Frecks is up there chasing rabbits with Tara and having a fun time with no pain. So maybe they are all running together. LOL Tara hated other dogs here-she was the territorial type-but I am sure she's better up there!! Have you read the rainbow bridge? maybe I'll post it tonight-it made me cry but it's touchung.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I really don't like my job. I take no joy out of it, I'm not fulfilled by it. I feel under appreciated, and slack regularly. I slack because I feel like I'm not going to be recognized and my work isn't good enough. Why do I feel like my work isn't good enough? Because everyone in the design department had the task of coming up with a design concept for the corporate poster series. My supervisor collected everyone's design concepts except for mine. Apparently my work isn't good enough to be considered. If the economy wasn't so bad, and I didn't have the responsibility of the house I would just leave. I'd rather spend time working on my freelance work. At least then my concepts and designs are taken under consideration and even incorporated in some manner. There's nothing worse for a designer than having their designs ignored and discarded.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Room for Rent [update]

Well it seems the only peron interested in the room thus far is a 60 year old divorced and retired soldier. But I refuse to give up hope. If you know of anyone who's looking to rent please forward them my information. They can check out photos of the place at the below flickr set. Thanks guys! :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

the official unofficial AVT mascot

hi all...i guess along with jennifer's, my dog sancho went to join too :-(

little sancho passed away on thursday morning and i am oh-so-sad. i had to let you all know since he was sort of the little unofficial AVT mascot...hanging around the earlier potlucks for a snack or a cuddle. he will be missed~!

below is a pic of sancho -- his peaceful daydreaming interrupted by wind-up chickadees. they always seemed to be unsettling to him. lol.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I've started up the quest for a roomate again. Please help out where you can by passing the word! THANKS GUYS!!