Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow woes.


I overslept 40 minutes.
Snow was JUST starting to fall as I left the house.
Was stuck on 123 for about an hour and a half.
After witnessing 4-5 car accidents & ice swervings directly in front of my car, I thought "Fuck this, I'll Write For Artists some other time" and decided to go home.
Pulled a u-ie and headed home.
Two minutes from home, on Hillendale, car started to swerve towards a parked car.
Successfully managed to avoid hitting said car.
Was just congratulating myself on such a close call when another car hit me.
Information exchange with the parked car owner and the car-hitter.
911 is called. They say "sorry, too many accidents, we're not coming."
Car-hitter's car was then hit by another car. Badly.
911 is called two-three more times. They send a firetruck.
Firetruck eventually rolls by and deems the collision as unimportant. Doled out some forms. Lit a flare.
Policeman comes. More information exchange, fingers numb at this point.
Home now.
I am fine. No injuries all around.
Will crawl back in bed and pretend nothing happened.


  1. OMG! I'm glad you're ok. It makes you feel safe when our emergency system responds so well to a plea for help (can you detect the sarcasm?) But again, glad you're home and safe and warm. Wish I was home under a pile of blankets. Mmmm....soft warm blankets.

  2. awwww no! I'm glad you're safe and sound though :) ya I decided to just work from home today I didn't feel like dealing with the mess left over from the ice storm and such..

    this is EXACTLY why I hate the winter, I'm just waiting for spring/summer