Sunday, October 17, 2010

Field of Fears!

AVT Crew at Cox Farm's Field of Fears. One year Muse was the only one who dressed up. He had to walk the haunted trail dressed as a pimp. He refused to wear a costume the next year which happened to be the year that everyone else dressed up (and Jojo proposed to Yathrib!). This year Mariam was the only one in costume. It's ok, she owned that eye patch. Steph was upset that the cornfield was not just a maze, but a haunted maze. The haunted cornfield actors stopped bothering Muse and me since we just laughed the entire time. One actors hit on me. She yelled at us to get out ten seconds later. It was blistering cold and I was thankful for the various bonfires. We roasted marshmallows, drank hot apple cider, and ate freshly popped kettle corn. The name of the hayride tractor driver was Patrick. They give you a spiel about not retaliating against the actors. Sounds like someone had a bad experience! I walked through a cornfield of aliens (complete with weird alien sounds), gross. Aliens scare me more than ghosts. You don't know what they're thinking!! There was a weak-ass fire show (AT 9:45!!!) and the performer caught fire a few times. We had pancakes at the usual IHOP. Nasreen discovered that she had left her keys in her car, doors unlocked and keys in the ignition. Free car, heyyyyy.