Monday, January 12, 2009

09 Tidbits

This year I'm truly focused on getting healthy. I've already lost 7 pounds in one week! I know you're like, how the hell is that possible? Lots of hard work. I worked out 6 days out of the week, twice a day, and ate nothing but fruits, veggies, low/nonfat dairy, etc. Also Campbell’s and Progresso make these awesome soups that are fat free and filling, so I'll have that for lunch. So since Jo and I are weight watchers members we 'weigh in' each week, my hope is that by my next weigh in I will have lost another 7 pounds. Wish me luck!

My parents have been driving me nuts about Joseph and I. If you don't already know, I told them we're in a relationship and of course they went bananas. Threats of disownment have been mentioned often, God's wrath, and general disgust. They firstly believe that dating is a sin, and secondly, him being Christian and me remaining Muslim [what little bit of muslim is left in me] is unacceptable. Therefore he has to convert or else God is going to smite me and I'll be forever stricken from the family record, so my parents say. Honestly, after losing my sister life has clarified itself. Your spirit tunes into what life means when you lose a loved one. Of course this will be a constant battle of them Koran thumping me and threatening but this is the course I've choosen and I will stick it out. And as Obama says YES WE CAN. And gosh darn it, I will.

As some of you know I am a slugger. A slugger is a person who hitches a ride to work every day. There are several slugging locations through out the area [Horner Road, Potomac Mills, etc]. Since, I ride with so many different people, as well as hop the Metro I witness some pretty strange and often hilarious things. I haven’t seen anything wild for a couple months but when I do, best believe I will post about it :)


  1. 7 pounds in one week! Congratulations! So awesome.

  2. 7 lbs in one week is AMAZING!!! i've tried some of those soups and they are pretty tasty!

    as for the parents not approving, you have all of our support! and if obama can become president, then you can totally be with the guy you love. your parents will accept it eventually.