Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Last day of SCHOOOOOOOOOL!!!!

remember the cosby show episode when it was the first day of school and dr. huxtable tried waking everybody up by yelling "LAST DAY OF SCHOOOOOOOOOL!!!"?

welllll...not the last day of school TECHNICALLY but it the long-awaited inauguration is coming up~! what's everyone up to for this crazy event??? i'll be chillin at home watching it on tv...

there are some shows out there during the weekend / week that cost some SWEET mula. i thought i was spending a good amount when i paid $50 for the big shoulders ball (but not much of a surprise since you guys know i won't stop when it comes to andrew bird). anyhoo, i was just talking to my friend and she mentioned that the jay-z tickets were $500~! i just checked on stubhub.com and the price range for those tickets is $285 - $6000~!! and then SHE said "they better be bringing tupac back for that kind of money." seriouslyyyyyy. haha.

and to close with an old motown song that has no relation to the inauguration, here are my two favorite covers of it:


  1. They better be bringing tupac back for that kind of money! HAHA! classic!

  2. I'm telling you! For that much money you better be able to go on tour and have Beyonce braid your hair! Who the hell would pay so much money for a show?