Monday, February 23, 2009

we might have to edit the napkin list...

just a copy and pasted chat i had with sarah p. today (i hope she doesn't mind me posting it, especially since it makes me appear to be the heartless one. haha!) i was at work today and my gmail told me that an old classmate from around elementary school added me to her facebook. and of COURSE she's married with two kids. i relayed this information to sarah which caused her to ask:

sarah: you ever feel old looking at people who are married with kids? a lot of people from my class are married with kids. in fact quite a few have been married for years

me: mmm
not old per se
more like
dead on the inside?

sarah: awww...but you go out and see the world and do so much fun stuff...think of the people who sit at home watching their kids and don't have the luxury of spontaneity 

me: oh actually i meant
i feel dead on the inside because i don't care about them getting married and having kids...hehe

haha and of course...i'd be THRILLED when my real, close friends will start getting married and having babies. :-) :-) hurry up, muse and get that list started~!!


  1. Ya Muse hurry up! Yathrib and Joe feel free to jump ahead of me...actually everyone can jump ahead of me :)

  2. atleast when you're not married and without kids you can just about travel the world :) and life is so much cheaper when you're alone :P