Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feelin' art, art, art.

I will be waking up at four AM to help Helen, printmaker extraordinaire, with the "Making Connections Arts Marathon". 24 straight hours of art, sonnnn.

Sculpture studio from 1-7 AM. Yeah, we'll see about that.
Printmaking with Helen Frederick. Silkscreen a lobster like you mean it!
Graphics with Don Starr. 11 pm
Rasa box with Paula Murray Cole. Noon friday.
Parade starts Saturday in H lot, 10 AM from campus to downtown fairfax.

Arts Marathon blog

I'll be around FAB from 6 AM- 2:30 PM Friday and 6 AM-Noon Saturday.
Be there.

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  1. graphics?? whatchu mean by graphics??

    stop by my house if you want to take a nap~!