Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm not a desktop publisher

frustrating tuesday:
I'm not a f+ing desktop publisher! I'm tired of old men at my office who want me to create a 'graphic' in powerpoint! SOOOO beyond annoying I had to bite my finger to keep from screaming. I'm a designer, I work within a specific design suite..not stinking microsoft applications! f+ing ridiculous! I know I sound like I'm over reacting but it's an insult to spend all your time, and four years of education to be working in friggin powerpoint!

tales of a slug:

I see her every afternoon/evening on the metro on the way to the slugline. I call her Miss Piggy. It's like the great race between her and I to make it to the slugline first. We're both heading to Potomac Mills and it's obvious we're both determined to get there before the other. I get a kick outta the way she hauls ars to the line. She almost charges the entire two blocks to the line. One day I'm just gonna sprint past her just to see what she'll do. Will she start running too?

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