Monday, February 9, 2009

avt shenanigans

hi all~! as requested, i will be posting the infamous LIST. the meaning of the list shall remain completely in the dark on facebook and the like for various reasons (mainly so the list can HAPPEN), but here, the explanation is a go!

what happens when you mix up an avt reunion, brunch buffet, sushi, pineapple, coffee, five conversations, and a napkin complete with pen? the LIST~! here it is, everyone -- our prediction of the order in which everyone will be married. note: this does NOT include the lucky few who are already engaged to be married (okay, the one lucky one who is sarah p.~!), so please do not think we excluded you on purpose. here it is~! oh, and just so you know, mariam and larry are tied for last.

check my facebook or flickr for the other pics.

P.S. this sunday, the 15th, those of us who are free during the late morning, we will be gathering at yathrib's house for a little get together for marie's one year anniversary. and since she loved food, we're going to have a potluck~! i know, shocker. BUT, as an avt first, the theme is BRUNCH. i'm bringing my belgian waffle iron. please check your facebook for a message sometime tomorrow as i will get the list of things to bring started. huzzah waffles~!


  1. duuuuude! You guys are crazy! Everyone knows I am never getting married unless it's to Gilbert Blythe! sheesh!

  2. ya this list is wild..we're definitely gonna have to update that like every year :P