Wednesday, February 11, 2009

omg it's ira~! (part deux)

hey all~!

lucky me, mariam found out just in time that ira glass was going to be at borders tonight~! i went to work early so i could leave in time to catch the metro w/ sarah and arrive at borders before it got too crowded. lucky us (again), mariam got there early enough to save us seats and we were also able to get bracelets so we could have our dvds signed by ira after the q&a portion.

we waited for about an hour and a half, and by the time ira came out, the entire place was PACKED with people~! ira glass expressed that he was surprised so many people showed up -- but HELLO this show is awesome~!

here are some pics we took with ira (sarah p.'s pics aren't included since i don't have her camera, but hopefully she'll post hers here soon too~!):

ira speaks~! he discussed the show (both radio and television) and answered questions from the audience. he talked about a few episodes and people he has interviewed...and also listed some tv shows he likes to watch, including madmen, the wire, dexter (~!), the daily show, the colbert report, and 30 rock. one of the most interesting talks i've been to =-]

mr. glass was super nice~! he actually tried to have a conversation with each person he met in line. when he started talking, i was relieved that he didn't use any big words because i was having a hard time following the conversation already, as i was super nervous~! i told him i loved his show and then he said thank you! and then he started talking about how so many graphic designers are into the show and even about the WEATHER and how he hadn't expected it to be so warm.

if there was anyone more nervous than i, it was mariam~! she was totally excited to meet ira~!

mariam and ira~! i didn't get to hear what they spoke about, but i'm sure she'll fill us all in~! (as well as sarah p.~!)

ira's signature on the season two dvd cover. i don't really ask for autographs or even pictures, but when i really admire someone's work, i have to go for it~! so far, it's andrew bird and ira glass (what's up with the chi-town dudes?? although mr. glass is from b-more).

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