Thursday, April 9, 2009

my stupid computer

ok since my stupid computer won't let me make comments I'll just post. Yathrib I know how you feel I do. I stand all day and not do anything creative or constructive but sell and all they really care about is for us to open dumb credit cards. AND you know I'd rent one of your rooms if I could get a job up there-but since no one is responding to my job applications I am short of stuck right now. But I should be happy I have a job! BUT if anyone has a job opportunity send it my way!

Steph I know what you are feeling right now! My dad- who had Frecks sleep with him in his bed since he and mom split- two nights ago looked at me as he was going to bed and said I miss freckles!! I almost cried. But think of it like I do-Frecks is up there chasing rabbits with Tara and having a fun time with no pain. So maybe they are all running together. LOL Tara hated other dogs here-she was the territorial type-but I am sure she's better up there!! Have you read the rainbow bridge? maybe I'll post it tonight-it made me cry but it's touchung.

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