Wednesday, March 4, 2009


If you rent from Blockbuster, STOP. This is the last straw, I've had it with them, and I'm calling for a group boycott. First they made a stink about adding my sister to my account, then they demanded that I hand over my bank account so they can fully charge me for any late videos, they hiked up their rental fees to a ridiculous amount and THEN I got a headache after getting in a fight with the store manager over the weekend. So again, if you rent from Blockbuster, don't! Explore Redbox [they're awesome], Netflix, or your local video rental. For the most part it's only $1 to rent and the local redbox isn't gonna be rude to you.


  1. I agree. I haven't used Blockbuster since I moved down here. I had a account in MI and I don't ever remember them wanting my credit card or banking information.
    When I went to sign up down here they asked for all of that information and I said, "forget it". I love Redbox. It's easy and cheap.

  2. ew that's not cool~! i'm a netflix girl myself.

  3. Redbox is the best. Free Monday rentals!