Monday, September 14, 2009


After having dinner this past weekend with you guys, I'm really looking forward to hosting this years Thanksgiving Taboo :) I'm also super excited about Halloween this year. Have we made a decision as to what we're going to do? I know the Clifton Haunted trail is on October 24th. I'm not sure if that date works for everyone. If not we have two other options, which both are held through out the majority of October:

Field of Screams
Field of Fears

I also don't mind having folks over at my place to watch scary movies and eat Halloween junk on the 31st :)

LIST OF EVENTS [please feel free to add onto this list]
Oct 10 - Vina's Birthday Picnic
Oct 17 - Leukemia Light the Night Walk
Oct 24 - Clifton Haunted Trail
Nov 21 - Thanksgiving Taboo

It always seems that autumn is our hang out season :)

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  1. update: Vina's bday picnic is on the 10th and the link to the Field of Screams is